“Oh Sharon you capture something so special. You see the heart and soul of the people you have sessions with.” Meg

Hello and Welcome!

I am a professional photographer, that specializes in Maternity, Newborn and Child portraiture.  

My studio is located in Newmarket, Ontario.  

Contact me for more information on sessions.  


Toronto Santa Sessions 2016 Limited Edition

Toronto Santa Sessions!

This will be the  mini  session you won’t want to miss! We have invited Mr.Claus for a meet and greet mini session. The great news is that you won’t have to wait in those big mall line ups, and it will allow for more time with Mr. Claus himself. Its focus will be to capture those candid moments with your child.  The magic of Santa is such an endearing moment to catch.


The images shown are my husband who rented the suit for some fun with our children. My husband did a great job, and my children loved it however, he will NOT be the Santa for these sessions.  We hired a professional Santa Claus for this limited edition event.


Please remember to book as soon as possible, there are only a limited number of spots.  

Here’s a little bit of fun with my children and their Santa Dad. This will be the background for the mini session.


Toronto Santa Sessions

Date: Nov 13 2016 starting at 11:00

What’s Included?

A professional Santa Claus (sorry honey)

15 Min with Santa for a meet and greet session.  Lots of  time to capture those special candid moments.

A designed studio set (shown above) 

**(2) digital images  from a gallery of 8-10  (wait for it……) 

If you would like a few portraits of the Children alone, please let me know.

$170 + tax 


** If you bring in an unwrapped toy worth $10 you can have all the images in your gallery (8-10) for FREE!!!

The toys will be donated to the Paediatrics floor at Southlake Hospital.  It’s so important to give back to our amazing community.  

You can upgrade your package for custom made Christmas cards made by Tracy at Creative Bean (additional cost) 


** 50%  due on booking to secure your spot, this is non refundable.  The remaining balance is due on the day of the session.  

——–> Please complete this form for booking

Sharon Cameron is a photographer in the York Region Area.  Her studio is located in Newmarket.  She specializes in maternity, newborn and children photography.  Her service area includes Sutton, Keswick, Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford, and  Toronto

Baby Photography Richmond Hill Newborn Photography: Grow with me session, Baby luke

To book your Baby Photography Session please contact Sharon at: sharon@capturedbysharoncameronphiotography.ca 

Tel: 289 380 2410 

Her Facebook paged can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/sharon.cameron.photography/

Sharon specializes in custom portraits for maternity, newborn and child photography.  She has various gowns, newborn outfits and toddler clothing to choose from.  Please contact her today to book your consultation.  Her studio is located in Newmarket.

There are some images of baby Luke!  He happen’s to be born on my birthday, so this made it even more special.  He was a busy little boy, however we were able to capture all his monumental milestones.  Here are just a few of his images.

Baby Photography

Toddler Portrait Sessions by Sharon Cameron

Baby Photograhy

Baby Sessions by Captured by Sharon Cameron


Holiday Mini Sessions 2016

For those not wanting “Santa” portraits, we will be offering holiday mini  sessions. What a great way to capture your child for the holiday season that is upon us.


I will be offering two  dates with (8) spots each Oct 23 and Nov 13th.

The purpose of the mini sessions is to capture candid images of your family.  

The sessions will be 15 mins in length with the choice of (1) backdrop—> shown below.

Holiday Mini Sessions

This is our “snow fall session” it  is soooooo much fun as it captures multiple expressions!  It’s great fun for the older children.

12273606_1677048912540870_996732957254947244_oWhats included:

15 min to capture candid portraits

(2) high resolution digital images from a gallery of 8-10 images

** you have the option of having the entire gallery if you bring in an unwrapped toy worth $10.00 or more.  These will  be donated to Southlake Regional Health Centre Paediatrics Department.  I try to give back to our community x 

$ 160 + HST

** A non refundable retainer of $50.00 is due on booking to secure your spot. The remaining balance is due on the day of the session.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me: sharon@capturedbysharoncameronphotography.ca

We are offering toddler holiday sessions also, please contact me for additional details. 

Please remember to book quickly as we only have a limited number of spots. 



Baby Fine Art Sessions

This is little Luke at his sitting milestone portrait session.  We were able to capture rolling, eating, lots of pincher grasps, giggling and more giggling especially with his brother. Im pretty sure, his mother will have a very large  gallery!  I feel pretty amazing, that I was able to capture such adorable portraits.  The best part, we had fun doing it.  So much so, that Luke’s mum said to me she had such a great time, and felt at ease in the Studio.  Which is how it should be….Portraits should be fun, sometimes it can take a little bit longer because, we are working with wee babies.  These little humans just melt my heart and make my heart smile.  Baby Sessions by Captured by Sharon Cameron

Baby Sessions by Captured by Sharon Cameron

As a mother, I use to just gobble up their little toes and hold them so tight in my arms enjoying all the little milestones they would accomplish.  Everyone would tell me it would go so fast, but with each child I still didn’t believe them.  I use to think, I would remember everything at that moment and would sometimes forget to document because life became busy with a growing family.  I would say to myself, Im not going to forget this moment….. But sadly I have, especially with our family of five!  I learnt very quickly just how important  a camera was and how by documenting  I can remember their words, their smell and the moment just by looking at their portraits.  The most important part in there was “the moment”…… I am a big believer in printing images, because they can then be archivable and passed down through generations!  Again, its in remembering the moments and sharing these moments with those that are most loved.  How amazing would these images look in an album or a canvas collage.  It just melts my heart thinking about it and I feel blessed that I am able to carry such exceptional products in  the studio.  Products that are made with love, and that help tell a story for life.


In this life, we have millions of moments and to be able to remember them brings various feelings upfront such as  joy,love, sadness, and hope.  Looking back to when I bought my first digital camera (15 years ago) I don’t remember the cost of the camera to take their portraits.  What I remember  is how amazing I felt being there to capture my babies grow and how lucky I was to have these amazing memories.


My love for photography became a life long dream, I think about just how privileged I am to be able to do this. I get to bring memories into homes full of love…….





Fine Art Newborn Photographer

Fine Art Newborn Photographer

Fine Art Baby Photographer

Fine Art Baby Photographer

Captured by Sharon Cameron

Captured by Sharon Cameron

If you are interested in booking a session please contact me at sharon@capturedbysharoncameronphotography.ca 


I offer maternity, newborn, and grow with me sessions.  

EXCLUSIVE Limited Edition Mini Baby Sessions

I’m only going to be offering discounted exclusive mini baby sessions for a short time!  Look I can crawl, sit on my own, roll on my tummy, eat my delicious toes and the best part I can have soooooo much fun doing this!

Toddler portrait sessions

Toddler portrait sessions


We can help you capture all these amazing moments that will enable you to have them for a life time!  When you look at the portraits, you will be reminded of a time that was so special and went by so quickly.


We are offering exclusive baby sessions as a once only promotion for the new studio opening.  There are a limited number of spots, so please ensure you contact us!  —-> sharon@capturedbysharoncameronphotography.ca

There is a client questionnaire under the client section on my website, please ensure you complete this so we can help you customize the session.

The session fee ($75) is due  on booking and this will secure your spot.  The session fee does not include any digital images, or products.  More information on the session fee can be found on my website.  

Toddler Portrait Sessions by Sharon Cameron

Toddler Portrait Sessions by Sharon Cameron

The goal of your baby session, is to try and capture as many milestones.  Such as:  sitting, crawling, eating their lovely wee toes, pincher grasp etc.  However, sometimes the wee ones, don’t want to do all of these, and thats okay because at the end of the day we work on their  wants, not our expectations.  Its important for them to have fun and enjoy the session.  

Toddler Portrait Sessions by Sharon Cameron

Toddler Portrait Sessions by Sharon Cameron


Two or three weeks after your baby session, you will be invited to view the images.  You will have the opportunity to pick some of your favourite high resolution digital images, as well as wall art!  The reason for this is simple, having something tangible from the session that you can showcase on your wall.  Every time you pass it, it will remind of you such a special time and you will feel the love just by looking at the portrait.  You will get to leave the viewing apt.  with your  chosen images on a custom made USB.  You will receive high resolution and low resolution for Facebook sharing.  




Baby Portrait Sessions by Sharon Cameron

Baby Portrait Sessions by Sharon Cameron

One of the fine art products that you can choose ($ 400.00 value) 

Organic made with love, custom photo block

Organic made with love, custom photo block


Toddler session by Sharon Cameron

Toddler session by Sharon Cameron

Your Baby Session:

1 (40) min session

(10) high resolution digital images

The choice of (1) two hanging photo blocks (shown) or one wooden canvas (size specific) 

$ 499 + tax 

***If you refer a booking client that also buys a package, you will be refunded the session fee ($75)

*** Babies MUST be sitting unaided for siting portraits


Remember, these images are heirloom art and you will be thankful in the years to come that you did this for your child.  


To book your session, simply contact me at sharon@capturedbysharoncameronphotography.ca