Bolton Family Photography Welcome to Canada Clint!

Bolton family photography session, celebrating Clint moving to Canada. Welcome to Canada Clint!!!

I’ve had the privilege of working closely with Tania and in a very short time, we became great friends.    We soon discovered that we have both been in long distance relationships!  At 2:00 pm every day we would talk about our stories! Lol   These collaboration of stories, helped us in our jobs because we had FUN together laughing and sharing and it made us enjoy work. That’s what its all about when you work long hours, its getting to be with the people that make you laugh and enjoy your day away from home.

Her fiancé Clint, moved to Buffalo (from California) so that he could be somewhat close to her here in Canada. I would eagerly wait for Tania to arrive to work on a Monday to tell me stories about her travels to the U.S to see her love.

It was pretty awesome to hear, about their story of how they fell in love and how they stuck together through the long distance hardships in hope that one day soon, they would be together in Canada.


Well the waiting has finally come to an end, and he is here!!!!  Welcome to Canada Clint!!!!!!!!


Here is a sneak peak of their love story!


ps  Clint (god bless him) helped me purchase most of my professional props, as they soon took over his living space.  Many times, he would patiently wait for his things (i.e. contacts) and every time he answered the door-it was a newborn prop 🙂  Without Tania and Clint, I wouldn’t have such beautiful things…Thank you xoxoxoxo




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