Keswick Children Photography 3 Beautiful Children

I love children Photography, I had the pleasure of photographing 3 beautiful children in the Keswick area.   We had so much fun during our one hour session, there was lots of giggles and laughter.  I was really impressed with the clothing that Enza pick out for her 3 girls. They looked gorgeous!

I’m a big believer in candid photography, I feel that candid images are a great way of capturing your child.  When I focus on having fun and getting to know them, their littler personalities start to come out!  It’s such a joy when this happens.  I think its really important as a photographer to be able to capture their true spirit and true self in their photographs, rather than, having a child say “cheese” and smile.  I find that when they just pose for the camera there is no sparkle in their eyes.  It’s important to have that sparkle, that cheeky smile and that big personality shine through.

When these images are placed on a wall in your home, you giggle with joy every time you pass them. You “see” them, you see their spirit and their true self.  That’s what its all about!  Its about capturing these little moments in time when they are just who they want to be.


Thanks Enza for allowing me to capture your three beautiful children xo

Sharon Cameron specializes in maternity, newborn, children, and family photography.  Her studio is located in Newmarket, Ontario.  Serving York Region, Toronto, Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford, Keswick and more.

You can contact Sharon to book your Child’s session @ or call at 289-380-2410 

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