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To book your Baby Photography Session please contact Sharon at:  Tel: 289 380 2410  Her Facebook paged can be found at: Sharon specializes in custom portraits for maternity, newborn and child photography.  She has various gowns, newborn outfits and toddler clothing to choose from.  Please contact her today to book your consultation.  Her studio is located in Newmarket. There are some images of

Christmas Mini

Holiday Mini Sessions 2016

For those not wanting “Santa” portraits, we will be offering holiday mini  sessions. What a great way to capture your child for the holiday season that is upon us.   I will be offering two  dates with (8) spots each Oct 23 and Nov 13th. The purpose of the mini sessions is to capture candid images of your family.   The sessions will be 15 mins in length with the choice of (1) backdrop—> shown below. Holiday Mini Sessions This is our “snow fall session” it  is soooooo much fun as

Baby Photograhy

Baby Fine Art Sessions

This is little Luke at his sitting milestone portrait session.  We were able to capture rolling, eating, lots of pincher grasps, giggling and more giggling especially with his brother. Im pretty sure, his mother will have a very large  gallery!  I feel pretty amazing, that I was able to capture such adorable portraits.  The best part, we had fun doing it.  So much so, that Luke’s mum said to me she had such a great time, and felt at ease in the Studio.  Which is how it should

EXCLUSIVE Limited Edition Mini Baby Sessions

I’m only going to be offering discounted exclusive mini baby sessions for a short time!  Look I can crawl, sit on my own, roll on my tummy, eat my delicious toes and the best part I can have soooooo much fun doing this! Toddler portrait sessions   We can help you capture all these amazing moments that will enable you to have them for a life time!  When you look at the portraits, you will be reminded of a time that was so special and went by so quickly.   We are offering exclusive baby

Newmarket Maternity

Maternity Photography Newmarket: Newborn Photographer:Maternity Fine Art Session: Exclusive

Maternity Photography Newmarket Thank you so much for your interest in our exclusive Maternity Photography Newmarket sessions!  There is  lots of information included in this post, so please be sure to read all of it.   Maternity Fine Art Portraits by Sharon Cameron Maternity Photography Newmarket In preparation for our new studio opening, we are offering an exclusive portrait fine art session.  This maternity photography newmarket session will include both digital images and custom

Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photographer Sharon Cameron Professional Photographer

Newborn Photograhper Sharon Cameron specializes in maternity, newborn, child and family portraiture. Her studio is located in Newmarket, Ontario.  If you are interested in booking a consultation, please contact her at Tel: 289 380 2410 Here are some of my favourite images from this session.  Some other images are located on my Facebook page @ Grow with me sessions are so much fun to do, the goal is